Welcome to SafeMatters

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is of vital importance to any successful company. SafeMatters policies and procedures have been developed over decades of in-the-field experience for the protection of employees, contract partners, client personnel, and the public. Success is only maintained through a commitment to continuously improve safety process utilizing training and accident prevention programs unequaled in the construction industry. To ensure the safest work environment, every employee involved in a project must assume responsibility for their safety and health, and that of their co-workers. This shared possession of responsibility is accomplished through the communication of expectations for safety on each unique project.

The SafeMatters orientation provides clear communication of safety expectations and safety practices to be utilized on projects. These requirements are minimum expectations for any project though it is not uncommon for some projects to have more stringent practices. Be sure to familiarize yourself with those on your project prior to commencing work.

The SafeMatters content contained within is provided to drive safety awareness and establish ownership in the shared responsibilities in creating the safest work environment, free of recognized hazards and reduction in the potential for incident.

Welcome to the SafeMatters safety team.